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We have recently re-developed our Learning for Vision website, changing the way CPD is purchased.

We offer monthly webinars between February and November inclusive each year.  We make every effort to make these interesting, up to date and to provide you with a wide selection of topics throughout the year.

Our webinar package allows you to attend 10 webinars within a 12 month period (each worth up to 3 face to face CPD points).   PLUS you have access to our entire CPD catalogue of over 50 modules allowing you to ahieve all of your CPD points on-line each year for the one low price of $149 pa.   

To purchase the webinar package, log into your CFEH Education account, select the "purchase" tab at the top right of screen and then select the dark blue "purchase webinar package" tab in the middle of your screen.


Don't need that many points?  You can also purchase smaller bundles of points, prices below: p

Australian Optometrists*: 10 CPD points for $60 and 20 CPD points for $100

New Zealand Optometrists: 5 CPD points for $60 and 10 CPD points for $100

To purchase, please click here  and log in.