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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Centre for Eye Health an approved CPD Provider?

Centre for Eye Health is approved by both Optometry Australia and NZAO to provide accredited CPD activities. It is important to realise that the number displayed represents the maximum number of points that can
be obtained from the advertised course, and will only be awarded if the course is completed and the assessment quiz passed. 

Can I obtain Face to Face CPD points through Learning for Vision?

Yes.  Face to Face points can be obtained by attending our live webinars which are conducted on the second Tuesday of the month from February - November.  The webinars are worth 3 points each,
provided a pass mark of 70% is achieved in the assessment.  A total of 4 webinars must be attended to achieve the 12 face to face points required annually.  

All webinars are recorded and then posted as a video lecture on the Learning for Vision Website, however watching the video lecture does not count as face to face CPD.

Can I obtain therapeutic (AUS) or clinical diagnostic (NZ) points through Learning for Vision?

Yes.  Most of the Learning for Vision courses are approved for therapeutic points (AUS).  Those that are therapeutically endorsed have a "T" in the CPD logo, next to the number of points.  

Most of the courses are also approved for clinical diagnostic points (NZ).  Those that are clinically diagnostic have a "CD" in the CPD logo, next to the number of points.

How Do I Know when I have Completed a Course?

After you successfully complete a course you will be returned to your dashboard.  Completed courses are marked as such on the dashboard. 

Do I Need to Submit my CPD to Optometry Australia or NZAO? 

If you complete the course and pass the assessment then no. The Centre for Eye Health will submit a monthly report to Optometry Australia detailing the CPD you have completed for that month.
CFEH will maintain a record of the assessed-CPD you have completed on the Learning for Vision website, however it is a requirement of your registration that you also keep a record and portfolio
of your CPD activities.  A summary of your CPD achievements through Learning for Vision can be obtained by using the "CPD Evidence Record" icon at the top of the page.


If I choose not to answer the quiz, how can I record my non-assessed modules?

If you choose not to answer the quiz for independent learning modules (video lectures, interactive case studies & literature reviews), your results will not be automatically recorded and you will need to self-report.  Full instructions on how to self-report through Learning for Vision are attached here.

Webinars- all points will be submitted to Optometry Australia and NZAO.  If you have completed only the webinar module, 2 points will be reported (AUS) or 1 point (NZ) however if you have completed the quiz also, 3 points will be reported (AUS only).

I have attempted the quiz twice and not passed.  How do I attempt it again?

After 2 failed attempts you will need to contact us at Learning for Vision. Email

I am finding it difficult to see the detail of the photos and images in the interactive case studies.  How can I resolve this?

Every attempt has been made to provide images of a high quality.  If greater detail is needed you may find the zoom feature useful.  Using a right click will give you a magnified view
of the image you are looking at.

If I get interrupted partway through the quiz and don't complete it, can I resume where I finished?

For the interactive Case Studies which comprise of 4 parts, successfully answered quizzes will be saved and when you resume you have the option to keep your current results and skip
to the next section, or you can re-attempt the quiz.

For the Video Lectures, Literature Reviews and Webinars the quiz answers will not be saved and you will need to recommence the quiz from the beginning.You do get an opportunity to
review your answers before submitting them and can amend your answers at this stage.

Can I access modules I have previously completed at a later date?

Yes. Modules that have been completed still appear on your dashboard.  They are distinguished from those you have yet to complete as they are greyed out and located at the bottom of
the screen.  You can access the information at any time for reference purposes along with an extensive document library of further reference materials.

If you have any further questions not covered above, please email