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Paradigm Shifts in Therapeutic Management of Glaucoma

2.00 credits


Over the last few years, optometrists have become accustomed to the current available line of treatments available for patients with glaucoma. There have been a number of exciting new developments in the glaucoma therapy space. This lecture will provide an overview of some of the latest glaucoma treatments that are available in Australia, and those that are not too far off on the horizon. Specifically, how these medications fit into the current range of therapies will be outlined.

Presenter: Jack Phu, Lead Clinician - Glaucoma, Centre for Eye Health

By the end of the lecture, the attendee should:

1) Understand options available for preservative-free topical anti-glaucoma therapy and how they fit into clinical practice

2) Understand how therapies aside from traditional topical, laser and surgical therapy may be suitable for some patients with glaucoma

3) Understand the role of new drug and drug delivery methods may impact upon patient care

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